Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mirror - Refinished

Unfortunately, I don't have any before photos of this marvelous mirror.  I bought it Betty's Resale in High Ridge, MO.

When I brought it home, it was gold.  My husband was kind enough to tell me that he thought it looked like a pineapple.  Needless to say, it wasn't the prettiest color choice for the mirror and especially for in our house.  

I decided to paint it white to match the rest of the decor in our house.

Here's the process:

What you need:  damp cloth, newspaper, painters tape, sandpaper

I lightly sanded the mirror down with sandpaper and followed with a wipe of the damp cloth.  Then, I laid the newspaper over the mirrored area and used the painters tape to tape around the edges so the mirror was protected from the spray paint.

Painting Process:
What you need: drop cloth, spray paint, sand paper

First lay the drop cloth down to protect the surrounding area from overspray.  Then spray paint the frame of the mirror in slow even strokes.  Let the paint dry.  I lightly sanded the frame of the mirror to give it a weathered look.

That perdy artwork you see in the mirror, can be found here

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