Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shelley Killinger Real Estate Agent Professional Photos

I know I mentioned awhile ago to check back to see my sister's "professional" photos, but it's finally official!  Shelley has literally "hung her license" at Re/Max CSI in Pittsburgh!!  She has been working with some very experienced, top producing real estate agents over the past year or so, so she has got a firm foundation and is ready to go on her own!  Look her up on Facebook....Shelley Killinger - Re/Max CSI Real Estate.  Her professional real estate agent photos are below...check them out!


  1. Shel, you look beautiful! Amy, great shots! If I didn't already have a house, I'd be ready to buy after looking at those photos! :-) In all seriousness, Shel, if you have a business card, send it to me and I'll put it on our faculty room fridge at school. It's sort of our mini referral site.

    P.S. This is from Tina. I have no idea why it says Kris.

  2. Aww! Thanks Tina! Amy did a great job with these :). I'm ordering business cards this week, and I'll be sending out my bio and my "yay I'm a real estate agent" letter soon! I'll be sure to send you one!

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